We represent both insured and insurer in connection with all manner of insurance disputes, with a specialty in the field of property damage claims.

For the Companies

We have expertise in the pre-suit investigation of suspected fraud in connection with property damage claims and assist insurers in the claims assessment and investigation process. We provide the in-depth research and insight necessary to formulate an opinion as to coverage in connection with a variety of scenarios and causes of loss.

Once an insured has commenced suit, we utilize all facets of the litigation process, including mediation and arbitration, and if necessary, deposition and motion practice to secure an advantageous result for our clients.

If you would like to discuss any particular matter with us, please call or otherwise contact us to schedule a free consultation.

For the Insured

We represent homeowners, business owners and other policy holders in all aspects of the claims process, from the initial assessment and evaluation of the loss and damage, policy analysis, the submission of claims to the carrier and negotiation of the adjustment and payment of the claim.

If necessary, we will commence suit for the insured for breach of contract or we will seek a declaratory judgment that sets forth the parties respective rights under the policy.

Since the disaster of Super Storm Sandy we have worked closely with the community as well as local outreach programs sponsored by local bar associations and law schools to help provide legal assistance to all those affected by this storm with their insurance claims issues.

If you would like to discuss any particular matter, please call, email, or otherwise contact us to schedule a free consultation.